About Linkmeto UK™

What is Linkmeto?

The Linkmeto website was founded in 2009 in London (Great Britain). It started as an experimental project to learn to design websites.

It is a free uk web directory and a source of information for the people who search online.

Everybody who starts using Linkmeto can notice that it is a hybrid, as it combines aspects of two different internet search tools. In essence it combines the display of a search-engine with the structure and navigation of a directory.

What is the Linkmeto mission?

The Linkmeto mission is to deliver search results that are as relevant as possible.

What is so special about Linkmeto?

Many believe that hierarchical directories are too complicated. And it is true that it is usually very difficult to get to a target while using directories. That is why you can notice that Linkmeto has something completely different implemented.
Namely: the A-Z index, a simple alphabetical list, and search results based on a keyword or set of keywords.

These features should place Linkmeto one step ahead of any other directory. Mainly because the subject you are looking for may be found by following a letter of the alphabet without guessing which category to choose.
It is ideally accessible, familiar to people and also makes a body of information easy to search and navigate. This allows to achive results much faster and improves overall experience and precision of the web directory.

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